Cord Blood Banking

The Basics of Cord Blood Banking

Americans have watched as technology launched the U.S. into the 21st century, and the quality of life multiplied with every advancement. What most of the public has not seen is the advancement in the past two decades behind the scenes in natural medicine and healing. Stem cells have been used for over 40 years in hospitals for serious surgeries. Today, since 2017 when the FDA approved the use of stem cells for the general public, using their children’s umbilical cord for stem cell harvest has become common. They are preparing for their family’s future. Cord blood banking

What are Stem Cells?

This state-of-the-art procedure called Cord Blood Banking is associated with the extensive use of stem cells since 2017. Thousands of people have been using stem cells from their own bone marrow and stem cells from donated umbilical cords. The success stories are supporting the process of using stem cells orthopedic use as it has been for the use in surgical situations, such as joints, torn muscles, and ligaments. Regenerative medicine now has advanced to such detail that stem cells are have been proven successful in use in over 80 diseases and conditions. Sports players have been been using stem cells for 10 years to get their players back into the game. Visit the website

What is Cord Blood Banking?

Stem cells from umbilical cords have been used in over 80 different diseases, and Cord Blood Banking allows individuals to provide their families the potential for the personal use of stem cells. Cord Blood Banking was developed to allow families to provide their own regenerative health for years to come, so if you are in the child-bearing stage of your life, you now have the opportunity to save and store the stem cells from their child’s umbilical cords for future use; this is Cord Blood Banking.

The Many Benefits

Umbilical cord stem cells provide 10 times more active, pristine stem cells than using stem cells harvested from your bone marrow, which has been affected for as many years as you have been on this planet or since birth. Umbilical cord stem cells are fresh and pure, and if they have been harvested from your biological bloodline, they are even more accessible and efficient to use.

How Long The Cells Last

As this area of medical science is advancing rapidly, research reveals more benefits daily in the area of natural healing using injected stem cells. More areas of regeneration are being discovered to add to the known areas of success, such as cancer, autism, leukemia, and orthopedics.

The Future

In one study, the presiding physician used umbilical stem cells harvested 14 years before the injection with success, and scientists in this advanced field of medicine can now freeze stem cells making them available indefinitely. Frozen cells will be vital for future generations! The past 10 years have revealed that stem cell regeneration and Core Blood Banking is at its inception; the benefits are growing and quickly becoming more evident for use today and for the future.