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VS is a wonderful theme that both modern and minimalistic.  There are two different setups for it.  There is a slim version and there is a regular version.  The slim version is more minimal, but offers less overall functionality inside the theme.  The theme file comes with fonts as well.   Readme is included to answer most common questions. Cord blood banking.

Steel Flash 100K

Steel Flash 100K  is an excellent theme that combines gradients,  highlights, a redone start orb, windows frames, shellstyles and much more.  Its a heavily modified theme for Vista that accents just the right things, while leaving all core windows elements intact and functioning perfectly.  This theme works on both Vista X64 and X86.


Duece is a great theme for anyone who loves simple but cool.  It changes up the start menu to have undercolor effects, including custom icons and shortcus for shutdown.  The blue and black colors complement each other, combined with the other theme elements to create a one of a kind theme. Visit the website

Clear Vista

Clear Vista theme for Windows Vista is a simple style with transparency that is easy on the eyes. With a simple but slick look, new start orb and modified start menu size, this theme is well balanced. I like the abililty to change up my theme, without it being too busy, this them does just that.